4 Ways to Get Back Your Creativity and Energy While (Not) Working from Home

Long ago, in a time seemingly far, far away, I wrote a post about setting Mindful Time Limits to improve your time management and set healthy temporal boundaries on things like Social Media and mindless scrolling.

In today’s post, considering how many of us are working online and from home (if we are lucky enough to still have a job), I wanted to share my top tips for getting Creativity and Energy back while working from home. You’ll have seen some of these before, but I felt like they bared repeating, especially since they’re so basic that it’s easy to forget!

Even if you aren’t working from home, these tips are highly helpful for breaking up the monotony of days spent stuck inside.

They’re all pretty simple, but the best things usually are, aren’t they?

1. Get off that Screen!

Take out your handy little timer and set it for 3, 5, 30, or even 60 minutes of uninterrupted screen-free time. Whether that means a quick nap (my current favorite choice), doing some leisure reading, stretching on the floor, mindfully eating a snack, listening to a podcast or meditation, or just staring at the ceiling for a while, you’ll be amazed how much calmer and energized you feel when you give your eyes and mind a break.

Right now, the boundary between work and home life has never been thinner for most of us. It’s harder than ever to disconnect from work because our work is right in front of us. It’s important for your body, mind, and spirit to take periodic breaks from the screen throughout the day. It will boost your mood back up, rest your eyes, and help you remember you are still home, where peace and calm can also be possible.

2. Or…Do Something Different On-Screen

If a whole hour of screen-free time isn’t possible, take short breaks to read an interesting article that’s hopeful or uplifting. Search for something awesome and watch videos about it for a minute or ten. In this time of massive change, anxiety, and stress, it’s always uplifting to watch a couple of surf edits, or some puppies dancing, or some oddly soothing Buzzfeed videos.

It’s important to be informed about what’s going on in our political and social landscapes, but remember that social media can also be a quick little escape or a moment of joy! There are funny pet videos and silly meme pages out there just for that reason.

3. Make Something (Anything!)

As much as the banana bread trend got a bad rep in the beginning of quarantine, I know no greater joy than making something to re-invigorate my creativity and energy. Make a simple and delicious meal, write a poem or a letter to a friend, edit a photo just for the sake of making something cool, or do a little drum solo with your pens…I’m being very liberal with the definition of “making” here.

Because making something, however small, makes us feel good. It helps give us a little sense of control, focus, and imaginative freedom! Maybe that’s part of the reason making TikToks, seriously took off (for better or for worse)?

4. Call a Friend or Family Member

In this time where many of us are isolated from family and friends, a good old fashioned phone call can really make someone (and your) day a little better. Making some time to talk about the good, the bad, and the silly with someone you love is a fantastic way to revitalize your spirit and sense of the world around you.

Just recently, I called my Tutu (grandma) and it reminded me how simple a nice conversation and an “I love you” can be. Take some time to talk to someone in between working at home, watching T.V., or whatever else you might be doing right now. It can really help, when life is feeling so anxiety-provoking and even scary, to just make some time to talk.

What are You Doing During this Time?

And that’s it! Here are 4 simple things I’m doing right now to combat the Work From Home tedium, the general anxiety of our time, and the repetition of our current lives.

How are you keeping your mind focused and positive during this time? What strategies are you using? Let me know in the comments!

XOXO, Beach Bum Poet

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