Welcome to My “Next”

“So, what are you going to do next?”

Everyone you tell you’re about to graduate

            One class short of a degree, AKA “my super expensive piece of paper”, and about to move on from the life of student, to the life of… what? What exactly is next? And why does everyone think I know? So, welcome to my Next. This is my first step on a journey into something different, into cultivating—reigniting?—a long-standing passion of mine. Writing. About anything and everything, but mainly about surfing, health, becoming a better person than the day I was before, and the exploration of what loving yourself really means.

            I just quit my job as a bartender. It was more money than I’d ever made as a college student and I had plenty of fun evenings pouring drinks and getting paid to do it. But I couldn’t take it. Why? Because I believe that in order to become the best versions of ourselves, we have to move on from the versions of ourselves that no longer serve us. Bye-bye bartending-Savannah, hello BeachBumPoet-Savannah!

To learn more about what being a BeachBumPoet means to me, click here.

            I’m ready for something different. Something albeit less lucrative to pursue, but one-hundred-thousand percent more who I am, who I want to become. This blog is my stepping stone into a new path, a new direction. This is my next, for better or worse, and I hope you, reader, find something—joy, insight, a laugh, or compassion—from this new adventure. Welcome to a peek into my journey as a BeachBumPoet.

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