Some Poems

Cacophany: Part II— Why everyone got so fucked up

They are all craving ACKNOWLEDGMENT

the sentiments have all gotten so 

aggressive, misanthropic, 

hating their own feel upon twisted tongues 

How could any of you expect them not to fail when you asked them to convey the gigantic shit-storm that is reality with such few means?

They gave up on Expression, said

Fuck You 

without quotations, became devices of their own reckoning

no one listens to Logic anyway—their escapism is the reason for all this egregious misconstruing. 

Why do you keep making Rhetorical questions ask themselves knowing they’ll always be disappointed,

left answer-less?

Why would a rhetorical question keep asking itself?

They want Quiet—deep, useless, silence—sound is no longer any more emotive. 

They are twirling themselves figurative, 

asterisking their functions, forgoing their conventions, desperate to know what freedom might taste like.

Words wanted to write themselves into infinity, got caught up in inebriated hopes for proper use. 

Irreverence begets ambiguity, made questions a stunted attempt to derive truth from ANYTHING AT ALL really

Within incommensurable criterion for truths, they all got so tired of waiting to be understood, they made a new meaning for themselves, amongst each other, instead. 

I. Language asked existential questions.

II. Question marks have launched a protest in solidarity 

with Truth 

III. All involved parties agree Déscartes was overly simplistic 

IV. All involved parties are hoping somewhere along the lines being read between 

a healing is creating itself. 

Continuity is a fallacy**

**(just ask the parentheses).

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