Some Poems

Cacophony: Part I

Grammar’s escaping 

out the back door.

Expletives are giving head to dangling 


Semicolons are procreating 

with homonyms.

Clauses are eating out their 


Syntax applauded itself and was then swiftly trampled by idioms.

Linguistics’ itinerant and abyssal itinerary 

is swimming through

seven seas; adjectives

fragrance crowd-sourced 

opinions; melting pots plan 

fondue parties.

Literacy’s trying to change its definitions—

Webster can’t keep up with 1’s and 0’s—

but Wifi’s being a dick right now

pages are highly saturated screens 

chrysantheming tangerine lips 

spiraling pause symbols are so meta

Hyperbole Band-Aided it’s abrasions

worrying no one would take its wounds seriously

— exclamation marks spatter like buckshot—




Communication begs asylum from 

semantics’ inter- vortext – uality

☛ request still pending per the exactitude of ‘asylum’ and ‘need’ in context

words are getting wasted and lured into portmanteau orgies while prefixes are sexting ‘sesquipedalian’ to each other

Demagogues break rhetoric’s back, blinding pathos,

sucker-punching ethos 

whose nose won’t ever heal right.

blood is pouring in ellipses upon unfinished fragments

Asterisks threw a kegger party**

played beer pong with auto-correct.

(**the reason words are too drunk to read straight)

Everything’s spinning like star galaxies aste**risking their lives

just to know what a cosmos might taste like.

I. Language asked existential questions.

II. Question marks have launched a protest in solidarity 

with ambiguity

III. All involved parties agree Déscartes was overly simplistic.

Incommensurable justifications dialogue themselves into the vacuums of imprecision.

Somewhere along the lines being read between

a healing is creating itself.

Continuity is a fallacy**

**(just ask the parentheses).

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