Some Poems

It’s been a while…

On Being (Leaving)

complex randomness; lost spaces filled

with callouses. archaic promises built upon greater than sum– less than

any given parts. 

I woke up to your silhouette underneath my eyelids. 

Wondered how long you’d been standing there (you told me forever).

Can music still play for itself when no one wants to keep listening?

consciousness travels as quickly

(or faster than) as light speeding; galaxies quickly receding.

whole fragments coagulating; bleeding starstuff.

Rapidly withdrawing from form, from touch and sense. 

Can I keep you here any longer than my thoughts will let me?

I woke up to your silhouette underneath my eyelids. 

crystals, star-gazing, twilight violence;

a moon-sign glaring even

in its newness

I can’t grasp you anymore. 

Can’t make my touch your placeholder; where you skin meets mine. 

I give myself up for nothing in return and beg everything of myself. 

My skin where we meet is myself and you, one and the same.

Time took too long to catch up with me; I’ve been running all along. 

You’re looking backwards, glinting in frail light. 

Somewhere else, someone is 

clinging desperately 

to the delayed light of 

the sun’s arrival.

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