Making Amends

torn apart, piece by piece.

every lie drawn on skin, written in glass.

told you,

“wrong, unworthy, unlovable”

told you

giving up was a choice,

the life I was giving you

was what you wanted.

I tore you apart, piece by piece,

kept broken, wanting

for healing.

your skin and smile, eyes and legs.

a fault in every piece.

little did I know you were the wisdom all along,

the healing, cure, voice

of reason.

not my mind, but our heart.

our lungs, beating, our legs,

which kept standing.

I started to listen to you, finding out

you were the wise one all along.

now I listen, hear

the voice is yours

mine. ours.

slowly mending scars

from lies, upon each wounded piece.

seeing the truth

has been right here

all along. 

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