Cultivating Body Positivity: Tip 2

As part of the ongoing series, I’ve got another Body Positivity Practice for you all, lovely readers. Today’s positivity practice tip is about something I can’t get enough of… comfort!

2. Create some comfort for yourself

One of the surest ways to feel more comfortable in your body is to create comfort around your body, instead of focusing on the unease in your body. When my skin is feeling dry and icky, I slather myself with soothing lotion.

When I’m feeling self-conscious about my legs, I shave them with shaving cream to feel clean and refreshed. One of my favorite tricks for creating more comfort in my body is to simply change my clothes.

Because we can’t instantly change the way our bodies look, it’s helpful to look for ways to cultivate comfort in the moment. It’s important that we take time to think about what makes us feel the most secure and relaxed, so we have a repertoire of comfort options to employ any time, day or night.

Practice surrounding your body with comfort, and I believe you’ll find that you begin to feel more comfortable in your body as well.

Here is my list of go-to comfort practices:

  1. Listen to soothing music
  2. Jump in the ocean
  3. Take a hot bath (when possible)
  4. Give or get a hug from someone I care about
  5. Change into pajamas
  6. Take a cold shower
  7. Put on sweatpants
  8. Snuggle up in a blanket
  9. Lay in the sun
  10. Do some joyful movement-dance, swim, stretch
  11. Put on a face mask
  12. Wash and style my hair

Can you think of more?

            I hope you liked this tip, and that you’ll be back next #wellnesswednesday to read Tip 3, it’s going to be a good one! And as always, please comment below if you like this practice, have other ideas for tips, or want to share your thoughts on body positivity.

Remember: Anything is possible.

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