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Beach Bum Creative 2022!

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Wow! Time has absolutely flown this year. I cannot believe we are heading into 2022 in 10 days. Are you as boggled as me?

Beach Bum Poet LLC has now become Beach Bum Creative, and I’m so excited for what is coming next. It’s been a roller coaster of a journey, but I could not be happier with where life is taking me.

My personal blog,, has now become You can check out all the latest posts and poetry I write here, just with a new name!

Along with shifting my business focus, I’m shifting to a new website,, going live on January 1, 2022.

As business owners, we are always looking around at what we can improve and do better. Entrepreneurs might pivot, companies make changes, and the world around us continues to progress. Over the last year and a half, I have been doing my own pivots and exploring where my purpose most strongly resides.

Over and over, writing content that celebrates, empowers, and uplifts business owners has been calling to me. Content services and narrative-driven branding are what I will be offering exclusively (for now) as I begin to write this next chapter of my life.

Keep your eyes open for the new Beach Bum Creative website, design, and logo. Follow me as I share writing advice, celebrate rad business owners, and empower people to share their powerful stories.  

A Beach Bum is someone who spends their time enjoying the ocean and soaking up the sun. I’ve always thought that life could, and should, be more like that. And I’ve found a way to use my passions to help other people claim their inner Beach Bum, running their business with more confidence and simplicity thanks to the content we create together.

Why do we have to wait for time off to embrace the beauty of life? Why shouldn’t we get to feel that joy and happiness all the time? In our businesses and families, our recreational activities, and our client relationships?

Beach Bum Creative develops empowering and impactful content for business owners who want to do business differently—they want to work smarter, not harder, and align their passions and dreams today.

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    My goal with this company is not only to provide high-quality products, but also to create a community where people can connect with one another over their love of being outside. If you’d like more information about our company or some samples of our products, please let me know!

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