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Hello, and nice to meet you!

My name is Savannah Murray of Savvy Goes Surfing.

I’m so stoked you’ve made your way to my blog!

I want to offer you a huge WELCOME, and a big THANK YOU for visiting.

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Who is a Beach Bum?

Beach Bums are the quintessential mellow, laid-back lifestyle kinds of people. They hang out in the sand, drinking beers and kicking back. I am not that kind of beach bum. I am the beach bum who cannot go more than a day without getting in the ocean unless I’m forced to. I am a beach bum because I love the freedom of swimming in the saltwater. I am a beach bum because the lifestyle of stoke, joy, and positive energy is what I strive to emulate every day of my life.

Why Start a Blog?

I believe in the power of words. I believe that writing, as a creative outlet can be one of the most powerful tools out there for us to use. Plus, I’m a word nerd! Give me a dictionary, and I’ll be satisfied for hours-finding new words and definitions.

I believe that stories are a way to access each other’s hearts and spirits, to uplift each other, to share in each other’s love, heartache, sorrow, happiness, and every other beautiful emotion we can imagine. I believe that stories, writing, and poetry are vessels for personal growth and that we can empower ourselves beyond our wildest dreams through creative expression.

Why BeachBumPoet?

To me, this encompasses what I am all about: a beach lifestyle, surfing, wellness, positivity, and creativity, personal empowerment, story-telling, stoke, sand, and sun.

I believe that healing ourselves in the ocean and healing ourselves through poetry and writing are profoundly and deeply interconnected, that when united together they create something spectacular.

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What am I all about?

I am about learning to love yourself.

I am about cultivating compassion with yourself

and others.

I am about growing through positivity.

I am about making and learning from mistakes.

I am about finding joy in the sea.

I am about learning lessons from the ocean.

I am about hard work and perseverance.

I am about social justice and equality.

I am about mindfulness and mistakes.

I am about overcoming your fears

one small step at a time.

I am about health and wellness

for mind, body, and spirit.

I am about girl power, human power,

and building each other up.

I am about taking risks, learning to fall,

and getting back up again.

I am about beauty, inspiration,

and the gift of listening.

I am about surfing, learning, creating, and treating everyone with respect, gratitude, and honesty.

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